It all started on August 19, 2019…

I was extremely excited about what was going to happen. Then the most unbelievable and unforgettable experience of my life happened: Youth Peace Camp in Moldova. It was organized by Crossing Borders Company which gathered young people from Armenia, Denmark, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. I am so happy to say that everything was wonderful from the beginning till the very end. Garba, the founder of Crossing Borders, gave the start of the first activities. He announced that from that day on we were Peace Ambassadors. I surely added that our special mission would be spreading peace all over the world and make our mother Earth a better place for everyone. That influential speech motivated us and gave new energy.

The next step was getting to know each other. Thats a common knowledge, that a normal person (who is NOT GENIUS) cant remember 22 unfamiliar names from the first try, so the facilitators of the camp had thought about it in advance and organized several activities, which helped us to get closer and make friends. During these activities we asked questions, learned about each other’s hobbies, interests. Thanks to those little interviews we got a common idea about everyone. Then sitting in a circle in a wonderful natural atmosphere surrounded by trees, grass, flower and animals, we discussed and told about everyone’s interesting sides. We also played such games to reaffirm our memory and remember the names. While performing these activities we had breaks to have a little rest and gain energy. 


The camp was organized so well that every day we learnt new important things, which we will surely use in our lives. The best thing was the alternative way of studying: without any books, copybooks etc.

We studied through activities and then reviewed everything by discussing, sharing ideas and making conclusions together. I was amazed by the exercises and their uniqueness. They were mostly psychological. From putting a piece of paper on our enemy’s place to participating in an old and weird ceremony, from passing imaginary river with a team to representing ourselves by gestures, from communicating and understanding each other actually without talking to defining the term “conflict” in a positive way…

What they taught me was how to work in a group, help and support each other, have each other’s back, listen and trust, be brave, say out loud our personal opinion, fight for our and, of course, other‘s rights, think of a problem from different points of view and create PEACE! 

Our busy, but super interesting activities weren’t held only in Vadul lui Vode. We also had a trip to Moldova’s heart, the capital Chisinau. Firstly we travelled to Orheiul Vechi. After that, a Moldovan family was waiting for us at their home. I really liked their hospitality; also I had a chance to dance with Moldovans their national dances.

When we got to the centre of Chisinau, we got divided into 4 groups and had some tasks to complete. So the new adventures started there. We interviewed the locals about the names of capital cities, did research work, found out the most important historical places and took group photos. 

I bought some useless thing from a passenger just to help him and as a result I committed kindness, found locals to take videos and listened to different opinions about what was peace for them.

Then all the groups gathered together. We went to a restaurant and had a rest. 

I am mostly happy and grateful for the people I met during the camp. They were so kind, good-natured, clever, and peaceful, that I enjoyed myself spending my time with them. I felt at home with them. My love is so huge that I already miss them so much. I hope, I’ll still have chance to meet them again.


In conclusion, I would like to say that I am the luckiest and the happiest person, because I had the bright opportunity to participate in such a marvelous event! 

So, now I have the honor to be the AMBASSADOR OF PEACE…

A whole new world is waiting for me… I AM COMING! 

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